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 What We Do   

We are an Interior Design and Concept Studio passionate about original ideas and experiential design. We offer a complete range of services in Hospitality, F&B, Retail, Experiential and Luxury Residential Interiors.

 Our Philosophy   



At Hot Design Folks, we are passionate about creating stories.  Every project begins with one. 

We draw on the surrounding context, analyse, decompose and dream to create a distinct design language.



We believe that functionality is one of the key factors of a successful design. 

With concept and aesthetics in mind, we aim to deliver creative solutions that work best for your project.  



The story of the project is told through the nuances of the design. 

Inspired by our concept and guided by functionality, we sculpt and harmonise the key ingredients to create a unique visual character for every interior.

 Key Elements   



At Hot Design Folks, we believe that brand integration is the key ingredient to establishing long-term successful relationships with customers and creating unique designs.   


Our approach is to analyse, conceptualise and deliver a full brand experience through art direction, graphic identity, and interior design.



Every good design that leaves a strong and long-lasting impression starts with a story.  At Hot Design Folks, we like to call it the x-factor - the key element that defines the experience and adds a personal touch to the interior. 


Hot Design Folks are passionate about fetching and witty conceptual ideas that create vivid memories and reflect our Client’s personality.



Any interior is a multi-dimensional experience, and is formed through visual impressions, sound, touch, smell, and taste.   

At Hot Design Folks, we believe that engaging all sensory elements can take the design beyond the 2-dimensional drawing board and create unforgettable experiential interiors.  

 How We Do It  



the Client

This initial phase is crucial to start the design collaboration between designer and client. 


We work to understand our client, project nature and shape a clear brief best fit for the project. 


Concept &

Art Direction

Once the brief is formed, we proceed to the initial conceptual development of the design.


We create a story supported with stylistic directions, a core idea that acts as a foundation for the future design to build upon.  




Following the successful approval of concept, we proceed to design development phase.


Initial ideas are evolved into real functional designs and the final look is formed through further study.




This phase commences following the successful completion and approval of design development. 


Here we really get into some technical details, carefully work out and meticulously draw all that we lovingly created thus far. 



& Site Supervision

The real fun begins where we get our hands dirty and see an idea being realised on site. 


We coordinate with contractors and consultants to perfect the design and make all the necessary final adjustments based on site and budget requirements. 




Happy client - happy designer.

Simple formula that we strive to achieve with every project.


After all the hard work and labouring of the design process, the best reward is a pleased client. 

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