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This expansive office space's interior draws inspiration from Shinto architecture and biophilic design. This approach promotes the innate human connection to nature by blurring the border between the built and the natural environment. Seamless fusion of these two design principles has resulted in a calming, uplifting and, most importantly, employee-centric interior. 


This sophisticated yet understated interior, successfully blurs the line between home and office environments. The raw finishes and nature elements create an environment that exudes harmony and comfort. Live greenery plays its many parts well at every turn, practically and aesthetically, improving air quality and acoustics, providing zoning, colour and interest, and softening functional elements of this workplace interior.  There is no rush for the door at lunchtime or the close of office hours at this workplace.  Here the employees' comfort and health are carefully considered. They are pampered with ergonomic adjustable desks and various agile workstation settings, allowing for any task, from individual focus work to team collaboration. 


Expansive views flood each space with natural daylight, and the clean air provided by the live greenery and wide walkways offer physical and mental clarity.  This workplace design is a superb formula for an employee-centric office environment.

Project developed with Paperspace Asia.

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