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“Not a bar, not a restaurant, not open to the public” - the brief for the Orientalist Spirits’ new tasting room was as mysterious as they come.  Situated at Robertson Walk, the new venue was  to become a showcase for the brand’s three signature spirits through a crafted, by-appointment-only tasting experience. The Founder of Orientalist Spirits envisioned the space as an intimate, elegant retreat, a comfortable cocoon where one forgets the time and simply enjoys the moment. 

To add a hint of secrecy, the name of the venue is nowhere to be found on the external facade. Instead, a delicate floral logo on a light grey background graces the windows, which were entirely closed off with partitions to ensure privacy and acoustic protection. As the door remains locked during operations, the visitors are invited to find a discreet doorbell to announce their arrival.

As they step inside, they arrive at a small, dimly lit entrance graced by a large round mirror and a fresh arrangement of exotic blooms. Greeted by the host, the visitors are led through a heavy velvet curtain into the main space.  Here, a bronze safe – a remnant of the watch store previously housed in the space – abuts the sofa and showcases candlelit bottles of Orientalist vodka, gin, and whisky. The lounge is positioned to get the best view of the main attraction – the bar counter situated across the room. The custom-built stainless-steel block features a cantilevered counter for five guests that sits slightly below the level of the bar, allowing for dining-height seating that creates a more laid-back, “un-bar-like” experience. The countertop is clad with a rare Roma Blue quartzite that creates a striking backdrop for what is about to be served to the guests.

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